A guide to financial support and savings at NU


There is no doubt that university is expensive. In addition to tuition, accommodation and meals, you could end up with additional expenses associated with extracurricular activities, study abroad, research and internship accommodation, summer courses, and entertainment expenses. – it adds up quickly. Fortunately, you don’t have to feel like you can’t take advantage of these opportunities: here are some of the ways Northwestern students can receive financial support for these efforts.

Summer internship scholarship program
Students who demonstrate financial need and are seeking unpaid internships or other summer experiences are eligible to apply for this program. The SIGP provides funding – in the form of $ 3,000 scholarships – to students that can be used for living, travel, or other accrued expenses. In addition to financial support, SIGP organizes a number of career development activities such as networking and LinkedIn professionalism.

Undergraduate research scholarships
The Office of Undergraduate Research offers several grants to fund research efforts. The Undergraduate Summer Research Grant is a $ 3,500 grant, similar to SIGP, that rewards students participating in eight weeks of full-time independent research. The undergraduate research grant for the academic year provides up to $ 1,000 to students enrolled in an independent study course or an honors thesis course. There is also an advanced grants program for SURG and AYURG which allows students to receive additional funding in later periods. Both URGs require students to submit a grant proposal for their application. The Office of Undergraduate Research is holding two workshops in Winter Quarter to help students find a lab, prepare for research, and learn how to write a grant proposal.

Study abroad grants
In addition to receiving need-based assistance from the Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid, students can apply for many scholarships both through the University and outside to fund graduate projects. study abroad for the academic year and the summer. The Global Learning Office offers several study abroad scholarships for students wishing to participate in a study abroad program affiliated with the UN or a university. GLO also provides links on its website to a host of external study abroad scholarships that students can apply for. The Office of Undergraduate Research also offers the Undergraduate Language Grant, a $ 5,000 grant for students wishing to participate in intensive language programs in the United States or abroad that provide students with an immersive experience to learn and practice. a chosen language.

Career Development Fund
Northwestern Career Advancement supports undergraduate students by funding internships, travel and clothing for professional and academic interviews, as well as graduate applications and preparation. Applications for funds are reviewed weekly during the academic year and prizes are awarded based on the student’s financial need. Students can receive one-time funding of up to $ 300 for maintenance and up to $ 600 for expenses related to graduate studies. When the NCA resumes travel funding, students can apply for funding for up to two trips.

Student activities fund
SAAF covers up to $ 600 per year for students to participate in NU student organizations. This grant covers membership fees, conference and travel expenses, sports and conference sports facilities, and other expenses.

Cat books
This student enrichment services program allows students receiving financial assistance to borrow course materials (such as textbooks) and chemistry lab materials for selected courses. Eligible students are invited before each term to participate in Books for Cats. The University’s Financial Wellness website lists other options for getting books for free or at reduced costs, including finding a free PDF version of course material online, using other services. book lending, such as the UBorrow interlibrary loan service, NU Facebook groups and renting or buying books from second-hand dealers.

University library loan program
NU students can request Dell laptops and iPads on loan from the University Library on a first come, first served basis. Undergraduates can apply for a 14 day or quarter loan for laptops and 14 day loans for the iPad Air 3 and Apple Pencils, with laptops and iPads being made available to students a by a. The University Library Lending Program also offers the option of borrowing a laptop computer for four years. In addition to these borrowing options, there are also several computer labs located on campus as well as wireless copying, faxing, and free printing options.

Discounts on laptops and software
NU students have access to discounted hardware and software options. With your Wildcard, you can get discounts on desktops, laptops, and other electronics from top university preferred vendors like Dell, as well as discounted electronics accessories including headphones, earphones. and webcams, from CDW-G. Students can also gain access to free and discounted software for use on personal devices. A full list can be found on the NU Information Technology website. Some of the free access software options available include Microsoft 365 ProPlus, MATLAB, and CrowdStrike Falcon antivirus software, as well as a student discount on Adobe Creative Cloud.

NU Student Health Insurance Scheme
NU-SHIP is a university program that provides students with health insurance under Aetna that meets the University’s health coverage requirements. All degree-seeking students are eligible for the program, although the University also provides financial support – through loans or grants – to help eligible students pay for the program.

Winter equipment program
To combat Chicago’s cold winters, low-income NU students can receive winter clothing through SES’s Winter Gear program. Students can apply by emailing the SES office and receive materials on a first come, first served basis.

Cats Closet
Although currently on hold due to the pandemic, the NCA provides students with business and casual business attire to wear for career-related activities such as interviews and internships. ‘Cats Closet allows students to keep up to three free, lightly used items, such as blazers, blouses, dresses, shoes and ties, or one suit per academic year by appointment.

Purple pantry
SES provides food insecure students with free snacks and groceries, with dietary restrictions in mind. Typically, Purple Pantry operates once a week to have students come for food throughout the year. Students can make an appointment using the online Purple Pantry form.

Generic benefit
From restaurants on the North Shore to fitness centers and hotels, NU students can get discounts at over 300 participating businesses simply by showing a valid Wildcard. Some of Evanston’s popular favorites are Kilwins and Tealicious Bubble, although you can also find discounts at restaurant chains like Subway and Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. Discounts on Dell electronics and accessories and the Sam’s Club Collegiate membership offer are also available with your Wildcard. You can find the full list of participating companies online.

Emergency aid fund
The University also provides emergency funding to support students who may be faced with unexpected financial situations. The Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid has a form for students to apply for online emergency financial aid as well as short-term, interest-free college loans of up to $ 500 per term.

The university offers several options for saving money on transportation to campus and from Evanston to Chicago. Using your Wildcard, you can take any of the shuttles provided by the University, including the Intercampus, which takes you between the Evanston and Chicago campuses; the Evanston Loop, which runs around Evanston and the campus; and the Frostbite service, which operates in bad weather to help you get to classes in the winter. With a university-issued Ventra card (which students can apply for online), students can board the Chicago Transit Authority Bus # 201 for free, which runs from Howard CTA Station to stops around campus and in Evanston. .

You can also cycle around Evanston on the cycle paths. If you register your bike with the Evanston Police Department and show your bike registration and Wildcard to the university parking lot office, you can receive a free bike helmet and light. In addition, thanks to the Wildcard Advantage program, NU students can benefit from a reduced price subscription with Divvy bike sharing.

If you prefer, you can also walk around campus fairly easily – and for free!

Academic support and library resources
The Office of Academic Support and the Advancement of Learning offers a plethora of free resources to help you succeed in your studies at NU, from peer-led study groups and workshops to peer tutoring and academic coaching. . There’s also The Writing Place, made up of peers who help students with academic papers and application essays.

In addition to ASLA resources, NU Libraries have online research tools and reference materials to help students with all kinds of academic activities. With free access to a variety of databases, research journals, and electronic journal publications such as the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Post, you will no longer have to use incognito mode to bypass free article limits for your academic research and articles. .

Financial Literacy Resources
The University’s Financial Wellness website offers several modules and resources to help students gain financial literacy and manage their finances. From credit scores and loans to budgeting and saving, the website helps you understand all the financial jargon you’ve seen going around to help you navigate finances in college and beyond.


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