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A Production Manny Halley and Imani Media Group Release “True To The Game 3” on Digital Streaming Platforms December 21, 2021 | Entertainment


LOS ANGELES, Dec. 18, 2021 / PRNewswire / – A Manny Halley Production and Imani Media Group will release the highly anticipated film, True To The Game 3, on digital streaming services nationwide on December 21, 2021. With a very successful first week of reporting, this independent director produced by Manny Halley broke a box office record as the # 1 film released independently in its first week of opening.

You can watch True To The Game 3 from the comfort of your own home by visiting the following platforms: Amazon, itunes, google play, Microsoft Movies & Series, Seen, Redbox VOD, Dish, Comcast Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Verizon Fios, DirecTv and Telus VOD – Canada

The third installment of the True To The Game series, based on the original New York Times bestseller by Teri Woods, stars Columbus Short, Vivica A. Fox, Erica Peeples, Niatia “Lil Mama” Kirkland, Kris D. Lofton, Jeremy Meeks, Iyana Halley, Darius McCrary and Starletta DuPois.

True To The Game 3, the third and most explosive in the groundbreaking True To The Game trilogy picks up where True 2 left off. Gena (Erica Peeples) wakes up to find that her mysterious savior is in fact Quadir (Columbus Short), whom she believed to be dead. Before he can live happily ever after, Quadir gives Gena 72 hours to return to Philadelphia to check on Bria (Iyana Halley) and Gah Git (Starletta DuPois) and tell them about his plans. The stakes are at an all time high as the streets are scorching with a pair of crooked cops; Detective Joe (Darius McCrary) and Detective Mike (Kinyumba Mutakabbir), who put pressure on everyone for their own motive, MONEY. Saleem (Jeremy Meeks) couldn’t reach his partner Jerrell (played by Andra Fuller in True 1 & 2) when he finds out that Jerrell’s brother, Terrell (Kris D. Lofton), has just been released from prison. Can Gena leave town and start a new life? Will Quadir risk it all and return to Philly if he can’t reach Gena? Will Jerrell come back, get the money back, and take down Quadir once and for all? Who will stay loyal to the game?

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True To The Game 3 is directed by David Wolfgang and produced by Manny Halley, Rodney Turner II, Yolanda Halley and Vivica A. Fox. The film is distributed by Faith Media Distribution.

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About Imani Media Group

Imani Media Group is a Los Angeles-based production, management and distribution company founded and led by founder Manny Halley who draws on a network of production partners to create cutting-edge content. Imani Media Group is made up of three divisions, including Imani Records (music and management), Imani Motion Pictures (animated films and television) and Faith Media Distribution (digital distribution and marketing). Through Imani Records, he has raised the profiles of the industry’s best-selling record artists and leading songwriters, producers and songwriters for more than two decades.

Imani Motion Pictures, continues to source stories from a wide range of writers, directors and actors to develop and produce content for theatrical releases, television and streaming services. Together with Faith Media Distribution, she manages the unique capabilities of distribution, sales service, marketing and various national and international release agreements.

For more information on Imani Media Group, visit: www.imanimediagroup.com, facebook.com/imanimediagroup, @Imanimediagroup on Instagram and @Imanientgroup on Twitter.

About Faith Media Distribution

Faith Media Distribution is a streamlined, highly focused, audience-focused distribution company under Imani Media Group founded by Manny Halley, with the flexibility and agility to constantly listen to the urban consumer market. There is no existing business with a development and production model that creates, distributes and markets to the urban public at the rate at which they are able to do so. In a short space of time, Faith Media Distribution has built a reputation for consistently delivering urban themed film products that are commercial, critical and public successes. Its mission is to impact a global audience by creating the stage / platform for artists, filmmakers and producers to share various distinctive stories that inspire culture.

Source: Imani Media Group Courtesy of: Faith Media Distribution, LLC

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