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A world of entertainment in one app with One.Fun


One.Fun is an exciting and innovative app for everyone who enjoys gaming, poker and casino entertainment.

No matter where you are located, check out all the gaming events in the world published by the best casinos and other gaming sites.

Let the app take care of finding game events, hotel rooms, flights, transfers, event registrations, even exclusive offers and other offers available exclusively for One.Fun users.

What can I do with One.Fun?

Access to all gaming events in the world for entertainment or business |

  • Visiting casinos, events and conferences in Vegas, Macau, London and Australia in one trip?
  • Book a world tour in a casino or a bachelor party without leaving anyone behind?
  • Combine business travel with leisure?

The world is Yours! Enjoy the animation of the game in its new light: events, casinos, hotels, conferences and registered tournaments. You will be able to enjoy One.Fun even more over time.

If you want to try it, download One.Fun today be among the early adopters.

Who is One.Fun for?

For gaming enthusiasts, whether you enjoy poker, baccarat, slots, blackjack, sports betting, or esports, looking for business events in the gaming industry, this is the application where you can find everything. Not only can you book regular events, or just attend online games, or go to a specific casino or conference, One.Fun can give you access to exclusive online and land-based events.

Personalize each trip or leave it to our suggestion mechanism. The more you use One.Fun, the smarter the AI ​​is at suggesting events and games that you might enjoy. When you first download it, answer a few questions so we can tailor offers, games, and events to what you’re looking for.

New offers will be sent based on where you’ve booked and what content you like. Plus, depending on where you are in the world, there will be location-based deals.

As One.Fun only recently hit beta, there will be an increasing number of casinos, online games, hotels, flights, and other entertainment to book, increasing over time. We hope to make our product very enjoyable for you, inviting you to join our growing team of beta users, leaving their valuable feedback to improve the product before its launch on the app stores.


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