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An open role for an auditorium designer offers a reflection on the architecture of performance | New


Following last week’s review of an opening for a Net Zero Emerging Leaders Intern at LEVER Architecture, we are using our Job Highlights series this week to explore a vacancy on Archinect Jobs for an auditorium and seating designer at Theater Projects Consultants.

The full-time position, based in Norwalk, Connecticut, calls for a “creative and passionate auditorium and seating designer” with prior experience in theatrical and architectural design. Among the role’s responsibilities will be designing room shapes and seating arrangements for a variety of projects, including performance venues, immersive environments, themed entertainment, education, corporate and entertainment spaces. public gathering.

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Why the role interests us

Throughout the year, our editorial has seen how the design of performance halls and theaters involves careful engagement across a wide range of scales. On an urban scale, recently completed projects such as OMA’s Taipei Performing Arts Center and Snøhetta’s Hopkins Center for the Arts demonstrate the power of performance venues to become iconic cultural icons for their surrounding context.

At the other extreme, theater design also requires a mastery of intricate detail, including seating arrangements that create a connection between performers and audience, and material choices that don’t compromise acoustic quality; choices that can extend down to the material used on the undersides of the seats themselves.

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Thanks to technological advances such as the smartphone and online streaming, the design of performance venues is also increasingly necessary to cater to a digital audience, as well as a physical audience. The challenge of developing performance spaces in the digital age is often spoken of by renowned designer Es Devlin, who has created sets for cultural icons including Beyoncé and Adele.

“We live in a time of hyper resonance, the consequences of which are both exhilarating and devastating,” Devlin noted ahead of the 2020 London Design Biennale, for which she served as artistic director. “In our global digital age, design can instantly cross borders and bridge cultures. It can positively change behavior and transform societies.

“Perspectives can change and lives can be improved when new ideas resonate and are embraced by extended communities,” Devlin added. “Designers have the power to influence and amaze their audiences to effect these profound changes, using the mass networks at their disposal to resonate with practices that will help build a more sustainable future.”

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Further Reading for Interested Applicants

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