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“Back to normal”: event venues fill schedules after a long year of empty | New


Event venue schedules are exploding, Ace co-owner Dustin Greene said.

Site operators say there has been a steady flow of bookings since the state-wide easing of site capacity limits linked to COVID on May 31.

“Most Saturdays are reserved for the rest of the year,” Greene said, “but Friday or Sunday events are available if people are open.”

Some people are even considering planning weekday weddings, he said.

“We were asked about Thursday weddings,” Greene said. “People choose to take time off on weekdays to get married. “

At the Grand Halle on Broad Street, the time slots for weekend weddings fill up for a long time, CEO David Hurst said.

“We are ahead of the pace of reservations for 2022,” said Hurst. “We’re getting a lot of people who book faster and farther to do their best to make sure they get past the pandemic. “

‘Back to normal’

Summer nuptials seem to be a trend this year and next, Johnstown wedding photographer Kristin Crocco said.

“I get more weddings in May, June and July compared to years ago, when there were more at the end of October and November,” Crocco said. “I think the trend is people are wary of another wave of COVID. “

She said people are forgoing the fall months for summer in the hope that if COVID causes indoor crowd limitations again, then they can have an outdoor venue and more people.

The accommodation industry sees many wedding parties as well as celebratory parties for people whose funerals could not be attended last year, said Rosemary Cramer, owner of Fairview Bed and Breakfast in Ebensburg. .

“We’re busy this summer,” Cramer said.

Bridal dress stores are able to meet the demand caused by the boom in business, said Sharon Honkus, owner of Celestial Brides, 142 Market St., Johnstown.

“Everything is coming back to normal,” Honkus said.

“I succeeded”

Tina Smitley, owner of Modern Elegance Bridal & Prom in Ligonier, said she is seeing a big turnaround from last year.

“People are more confident,” said Smitley, “and as far as the offer goes, I have no problem getting dresses and bridesmaid dresses except that there are delays in the process. ‘shipping that may add a week or two.

“Due to COVID, everyone is having trouble getting drivers and people to get point-to-point products. “

At the Ligionier Valley barn, the tough decisions the brides made last year are paying off, said Beulah Frund, director of bridal operations for the venue’s management company, Carson’s Premier Catering.

“A majority of brides have been rescheduled for this year,” Frund said. “There were a lot of brides crying. It’s the biggest day of their lives, but everyone’s been successful and the weddings are going off without a hitch.

Russ O’Reilly is a reporter for The Tribune-Democrat. Follow him on twitter @RussellOReilly.


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