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Cameroonians attack presidential celebration event in France


A Cameroonian cabinet minister was reportedly killed at a location in France where President Paul Biya was due to celebrate his 40 years in power.

It was reported that angry Cameroonians based in France stormed the venue on Saturday and overpowered security, destroyed the cake and decorations and attacked attendees.

It is believed that furious members of the diaspora wanted to kill the president but he was not yet on the scene at the time of the attacks.

In a video shared on social media, a number of men and women can be seen storming the hall and destroying the well-decorated hall before leaving minutes later with a body lying in a pool of blood. .

Biya has ruled the central African country since 1982 following the resignation of the country’s first post-independence president, Ahmadou Ahidjo.

For years there have been reports of human rights abuses and corruption by the Biya-led government.

The world’s longest-serving head of state is said to be opposed to any form of political opposition threatening to end his dictatorship.

The main political and economic leaders of the country would be its faithful, from the president of the National Assembly to the head of the army and the head of the oil and gas company of the country.

Many Cameroonians fled into exile to avoid being arrested and killed by Cameroonian forces.

The Cameroonian government had not confirmed the minister’s death or issued a statement on the attack on Sunday evening.

Compiled by Kamogelo Olaitan