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DAM for the Performing Arts: The Philadelphia Orchestra Shows Us How | censhare | Open mic


An inspiring story of how one of the world’s most prominent orchestras uses its centralized digital asset management (DAM) system to break down silos and digitize its wealth of digital assets.

The goal? To enable it to improve its consumers’ experience of the orchestra’s unique product – its sound – both online and offline. Of course, this became especially important during the lockups of the recent past, but with a long recording history (his first recording was in 1917), he also made old footage a viable asset to improve his sound. story, as well as to support its efforts to expand its audience through increased digital initiatives.

So what has he achieved with his DAM so far?

Well, let’s hear it straight from Philadelphia Orchestra digital asset manager Roberta Gorin-Paracka during an on-demand session of this year’s Digital Ecosphere Days. An industry event aimed at inspiring and showcasing the best of integrated content management strategies.

Visit the success story to learn from Roberta how the Philadelphia Orchestra:

  • became a digital media company,
  • Ensures a single source of truth for all types of assets,
  • Uses its censhare DAM for asset event grouping, with an API for its existing performance database,
  • And eradicated 100% of all its previous institutional silos.

During the session, Roberta gives us a detailed demonstration of how this grouping of event assets works and looks in the system. So it’s worth following his conversation on DAM for the Performing Arts, with Censhare’s Josh Van Dyk.


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