Dark Ages Spider-Verse teaser reveals clues about the event’s place in the sequel


A look at the Dark Ages Marvel event reveals a major clue to his place in the Marvel Universe when it comes to Spider-Man and Mary Jane.

The last Dark times The artwork offers a glimpse into what is sure to be Spider-Man and Mary Jane’s daughter, hinting that the event will take place in an alternate universe where the couple are married and have started a family.

“The Spiders felt it first,” Dark times writer Tom Taylor wrote on Twitter, sharing art from Iban Coello and Brian Reber. It shows Marvel’s webslingers reacting to intense bursts from Spider-Sense. Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen, Peter Parker, and Mary Jane are all present and pictured – but also included a redhead girl who looks a lot like Annie Parker.

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Additional illustrations tweeted by Taylor, as well as the previously revealed coverage of Dark times # 2, features the girl on Peter Parker’s back and wearing a new version of a Spider-Girl costume.

Annie, also known as Spiderling and Spider-Girl, was the daughter of Spider-Man and Mary Jane in Amazing Spider-Man: renew your vows. The series ran from 2015 to 2018 and took place on Earth-18119, an alternate reality where the events of An extra day had not taken place. A controversial story arc in 2007, An extra day saw Spider-Man’s marriage to Mary Jane erased from history by the demon Mephisto.

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Annie Parker isn’t the only girl in Spider-Man’s alternate universe. She shares the distinction with Mayday Parker, the ’90s Spider-Girl who debuted in the 1998s. What if? # 105. Mayday was going to star in a hit solo series for 100 issues. The two Parker girls would end up crossing paths in the 2018 series Spider-girls.

The upcoming Marvel event sees its heroes dramatically change to face a dark world where technology has come to an end. Previews indicate Miles Morales will transform into a Venom and Carnage hybrid over the course of the series, as Iron Man loses a limb and gains a steampunk suit.

Dark times # 1, by Tom Taylor with illustrations by Iban Coello, goes on sale September 1 at Marvel Comics.

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