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Did Phish perform at Rock Lititz on New Years Eve? | Entertainment


Could Rock Lititz’s 30,000-square-foot cube-shaped studio be the setting for the ‘Ninth Cube’ of Phish’s New Years Eve live concert?

A few die-hard Phish County fans seem to think so. Some said they even saw the gang gathering around Lititz.

After postponing their live concert series at Madison Square Garden in New York City due to an increase in COVID-19 cases linked to the omicron variant, the rock band announced a live performance without an audience from an undisclosed location described as the “ninth cube.” “

The New Years event presented by SiriusXM AND Phish Radio was part of the group’s “Dinner and Movie” series. Although the broadcast is free, fans have been invited to donate to the WaterWheel Foundation, which donates all profits to nonprofits close to the Phish community.

A fan website, Phish.net, posted a calendar event on December 31st locating the concert in Lititz. Phish performed “Time Turns Elastic” for the first time since 2010 and “Baby Lemonade” was performed for the first time since 1992, according to the site.

Ahead of the concert, a Reddit user speculated that the group’s mysterious live-streaming location was none other than Lancaster County’s Rock Lititz studio, citing an Instagram post featuring the location apparently shared by the technician from guitar, Justin Stabler. Lititz-based production facilities have drawn all kinds of big names from Beyonce to U2.

Phish has a long-standing connection with Rock Lititz. Since 1997, Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio has relied on Rock Lititz-based Custom Audio Electronics for its equipment-related needs, including a major update in 2017. Tait Towers, another Rock Lititz partner, has also contributed to the design of the group’s 2016 New Year. stage decor.

On Friday, a few Phishheads made their way to Rock Lititz on Rock Lititz Boulevard in hopes of seeing the band return. Lancaster fan Jeremiah Forney watched the livestream from the Rock Lititz campus in hopes of seeing the musicians in person.

Forney said in a Facebook post that he had met three room staff, all of whom denied the group’s presence. The third staff member asked him to leave because Forney was technically on private property.

Evelyn Schronce and her husband, Jeff, saw the Reddit thread and, noting the group’s history with the studio, decided there was a “reasonable probability” that they could spot the group this weekend. They booked a room at the Rock Lititz hotel for New Years Eve.

“We recently moved to Lancaster and were looking for a low-key place to spend the weekend, and the Rock Lititz Hotel is a pretty cool place, although speculation about the location was failing,” she said.

After a relaxed night of dinner, drinks and shuffleboard, the couple said they saw Anastasio and his bandmates Page McConnell and Mike Gordon head to the hotel after their show. Schronce said they got another glimpse of the group in the morning.

The couple were joined by a few other fans hoping to see the show. However, Schronce said fans in the parking lot have been urged to leave.

“Hotel security kept things tight,” she said.

Her husband saw Phish at several concerts across the country. Out of respect for the privacy of the group and since the location was not disclosed, Schronce said the couple had refrained from taking photos.

Rock Lititz did not respond to LNP inquiries | LancasterOnline to find out if Phish had booked a studio. An employee of the Rock Lititz Hotel said he had not worked the night before and could not respond.