“Dying for a Fight,” New Season of OPB and Somethin ‘Else’s Investigative Podcast Series “The Fault Line” Examines the Unsolved Murder of Portland Activist Sean Kealiher


“Dying for a Fight,” the new season of Somethin ‘Else’s investigative podcast series “The Fault Line”, in partnership with OPB and Sony Music Entertainment, begins today.

Hosted by investigative journalist Sergio Olmos, “The Fault Line: Dying for a Fight” examines the still unsolved 2019 homicide of Sean Kealiher, a prominent face of the anti-fascist movement in Portland. As Kealiher’s mother Laura searches for answers in what has become a cold affair, Olmos brings her in-depth knowledge of political extremism and reporting from the field to present the heartbreaking stories and details that led to the uprising. from Portland last year and Sean’s death. The first episode is available now.

With raw sound captured on the streets of Portland and exclusive interviews with key members of Portland’s political melting pot, “Dying for a Fight” features an “on the ground” feeling of the various protests and rallies leading up to several crucial encounters. between groups at political extremes. Olmos explores how Sean’s murder, which remains unsolved, foreshadows the anti-police uprising that took place a few months later and why Portland continues to be a hotbed of political violence. He delves deep into Sean’s world, including chatting with Sean’s unlikely friends Gregory and Kat McKelvey, prominent activists in the town’s Black Lives Matter movement, as they join Sean’s mother in her search for justice. “The Fault Line: Dying for a Fight” takes listeners into the world of political protests through the people who have lived through these conflicts, and asks how do you get justice when you stop believing in the system?

Sergio Olmos said: “Political violence is now part of the language of American politics, whether it is street fights between proud boys and anti-fascists or the storming of the United States Capitol. The heated debates are no longer limited to social media, but bleed into the streets. Extremism lives in the void of American life, a growing void.

Episode 1 – The Death of Armeno Lewis – Host Sergio Olmos takes us to Portland, the epicenter of America’s Cultural War, and learns about the life and death of anarchist activist Sean Keahiler, guided throughout the journey by Sean’s mother, Laura. Laura, along with many of Sean’s close friends – including unlikely friend Greg McKelvey, a political insider and former prominent Black Lives Matter activist – are calling for justice.

The series is produced by Lizzie Jacobs and Grant Irving of Somethin ‘Else, as well as Anna Griffin and Ryan Haas of Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Listeners can subscribe to “The Fault Line: Dying for a Fight” on all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher. For more information on “Fault Line Dying for a Fight” and all the other Sony Podcast shows, follow @SonyPodcasts on Twitter and Instagram.

About Sergio Olmos:

Sergio Olmos is a journalist who covers conflict and extremism. His work has appeared in The New York Times, Washington Post, Reuters, NPR, and others.

About the OPB

OPB is a leader in public media, serving diverse communities in the Northwest with in-depth, fact-based news and information on politics, environment, science, arts, history and cultures; business, education and more. Fueled by the generous support of its members, OPB seeks a variety of voices in our communities and raises authentic stories of people, places, events and issues in the region, providing context and deeper understanding. Independent journalism and OPB programs are available on opb.org, on OPB Radio and OPB TV.

About something else:

Somethin ‘Else is one of the world’s leading producers of podcasts and audio that publishes its own podcasts as well as shows for companies such as the BBC, Netflix, Audible and Spotify. His hit shows include David Tennant Does A Podcast With…, Cheat !, How Did We Get Here ?, Something Rimes With Purple and Power: The Maxwells. In 2020, Somethin ‘Else received the’ Best Network ‘award at the British Podcast Awards. Somethin ‘Else is a Sony Music Entertainment company.

About Sony Music Podcasts

Sony Music Podcasts is a division of Sony Music Entertainment, a global audio leader at the intersection of music, podcasting, entertainment and technology. Through our diverse global partnerships with leading creators and our team of professional sales, marketing and business development professionals, Sony Music Podcasts uses our core strengths to help the podcast community achieve greater levels of success. In keeping with our creator-centric philosophy, we promote impactful storytelling with compelling content everywhere.


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