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Here’s where you should always wear a mask in New York


Mask or no mask?

It’s a question New Yorkers are asking forcefully after Governor Kathy Hochul rescinded her statewide “mask or vax” requirement earlier this week, but allowed local municipalities to set their own rules.

Vaccinated New Yorkers can now dine mask-free after Governor Kathy Hochul dropped the state’s “mask or vax” mandate.
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Hochul’s Dec. 10 mandate, seen as an emergency response to a crush of COVID-19 cases fueled by the Omicron variant, had required customers and workers to mask up in most indoor settings, including grocery stores, offices and stores.

She rescinded that mandate on Wednesday, though she added that “counties, cities and businesses” can make their own decisions about vaccination and mask requirements going forward.

The order has caused confusion in the Big Apple.

Commuters ride the subway while wearing masks on the
The federal government has not announced whether masks will be mandatory in transit areas after March 18, 2022.
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Here’s everything we know about masking in New York.

Where are masks still mandatory?

Masks should always be worn on public transportation, including taxis, and in congregate care settings such as nursing homes, correctional facilities and homeless shelters, regardless of vaccination status of somebody.

Face coverings should also be worn in healthcare facilities and schools.

A Barry's Bootcamp fitness center in New York, U.S. on Tuesday, July 6, 2021.
Vaccinated New Yorkers are allowed to go to the gym without a mask, but companies may say otherwise.
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Employees working in an office.
New Yorkers no longer need to show vaccination records to enter offices.
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Federal rules still require masks at airports, train stations and other transportation hubs as well — at least until March 18, when the order is due to expire.

Private establishments such as restaurants, museums, gyms and entertainment centers may also require patrons and workers to wear face coverings. Currently, only vaccinated people are allowed in these places and therefore may still be required to wear a mask regardless of their vaccination status. For example, audience members must still be vaccinated and wear masks when attending Broadway shows until at least April 30, according to the Broadway League.

Where are masks not mandatory?

New Yorkers are now free to throw away their face coverings in general indoor environments such as offices, stores, grocery stores and common areas of apartment buildings if the respective company allows it. They do not need to be vaccinated to enter these places.

Women working out in the gym.
Gyms can continue to enforce mask mandates.
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A woman looks at a computer.
Company offices have the discretion to enforce mask mandates.
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Meanwhile, vaccinated New Yorkers, who are allowed into gyms, indoor restaurants and entertainment centers, may be allowed to go mask-free depending on each company’s respective policies.

But what about the obligation to vaccinate?

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio’s controversial ordinance requiring indoor restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues to require proof of vaccination is still in effect. The term was recently renewed by Mayor Eric Adams.

Unvaccinated New Yorkers can still eat at outdoor dining establishments if the company permits.