ILLfest Austin 2021 pre-party at the venue: Borgore, Doctor Neiman, whales [Event Review]


ILLfest 2021 was going to be a big show with tons of talent like Rezz, RL Grime, Chris Lorenzo and more. However, due to circumstances beyond the control of Mark My Words, ILLfest and Veridian Management, the festival had to be postponed due to Covid-19 restrictions. The festival is now postponed to February 18 and 19, 2022.

A huge disappointment for festival ticket holders, however, the team improvised perfectly and were able to find venues for the artists to perform this weekend, September 17, 2021 and Saturday September 18, 2021, including What So Not & Malaa. You can see which artists are playing this weekend and where here.

Last Friday, September 10, to kick off ILLfest, there was a pre-party with highly sought-after Israeli DJ, Borgore, who brought in an energetic Riddim set that didn’t disappoint, accompanied by local artist Doctor Neiman & Jorge Toscan, who did a great job getting the party started. With the show located on Austin’s famous East 6th Street at The Venue, spectators filled the outdoor space to the brim with energy, despite the last-minute venue change. Its audio system makes you scream to hear only your own thoughts. The show was packed from the top floor to the back of the first floor.

The place

Doctor Neiman, also known as “Dubstep Dad”, took this crowd by his headbanging heads with his fresh dubstep style. He was able to stand out among the rockers of the rail. His music is very unique compared to the typical dubstep you would expect, incorporating rock with trap in his sound. I loved the song “Wait For Me”, which showed how talented this young man was. He threw one of the best sets I’ve seen in a long time. We strongly suggest that you check out its music as it should make you vibrate for whatever energy you need. We think he has a great future ahead of him. Keep an eye out for him on Magnetic Magazine, we plan to showcase his talent so you can be a part of his growth.

Doctor Neiman iLLfest Austin 2021

Doctor Neiman

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Another notable artist we liked was another Israeli producer Whales. His music is definitely unique, and we think he’s someone to watch too. With collaborations with artists like Excision & Riot Ten, it’s clear we’re not the only ones who believe in this man’s potential. His music tends to be very subtle and emotional, but takes a perfect turn with its buildups and drops. His latest release “Atlantis Super Rave” shows exactly that. His set reminded me of Illenium or Slander, that heavy melodic dubstep and well-being, incorporated with heavy bass that you feel right in the back of your veins. We’ve heard tons of great flashbacks from him, but his music really stood out.

Whales iLLfest Austin 2021


If you love EDM, then Borgore is no stranger to taking to the bridges. We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Borgore on several occasions and love to see that he’s still relevant in the ever-changing EDM scene.

You can check out our interview with him at EDC 2016 here when he visited SLS Magnetic Magazine Lounge.

Known for what he calls “gorestep”, Borgore very clearly brought the party with him as he played several classics like “Forbes” with G-Eazy and “Can’t Squad With Us”, which even the greats critics could get started. . But as usual, there was a lot of bass, gore and rap as the night wore on and the headbanging continued. Aside from its insanely heavy banger set, its visuals toned down the experience with trippy designs you could very easily get lost in.



Austin missed the EDM scene and brought every ounce of his love for live music to this show. ILLfest will continue to host shows this weekend in Austin with performances from What So Not, Malaa and Snakehips. Grab a ticket here if you want to enjoy ILLfest when it returns on February 18-19, 2022. In the meantime, you can still take advantage of the talent that’s in town this weekend if you had already purchased a ticket to ILLfest. of this year.

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