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Life after Abramovich, stadium plans and when the club will be sold – The Athletic


The billionaires are apparently lining up. At last count, Raine Group – the New York-based merchant bank commissioned by Roman Abramovich to find a buyer for Chelsea – had fielded more than 150 inquiries from parties intrigued by the prospect of securing the European champions and of the world. The vast majority won’t care much beyond a quick glance at the club’s latest accounts, of course, but others are eager to take part in the auction. Whether based in the US, Saudi Arabia or South West London, the suitors are making their presence felt.

Those considered viable options will have received an industry brochure, titled ‘A Unique Opportunity to Buy a World-Class Football Club’, aimed at attracting bids before the deadline at the close of business on Friday. The prospectus, seen by The Athletic, is full of bar chart comparisons to Manchester United – many favorable, but others designed to illustrate considerable room for growth – and plays on the egos of those who hold the type of fund. required in this area. .

Chelsea is an attractive investment. Roll, roll – this is a chance not to be missed.

There are the trophies, won by the men’s and women’s teams, during the Abramovich era that established the club in the elite of the world game. There’s their status as ‘London’s most successful home ground club’, in one of the capital’s wealthiest corners, and a club with a ‘scouting, transfer and youth academy operation of world renown”. Much of the hard work, the elite infrastructure put in place at their Cobham training base in Surrey, has already been undertaken by Abramovich. Chelsea are in the front row. Their brand is respected.