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Luis Gnecco, More To Lead Thriller ‘Confessions’ for Sony Pictures International – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Luis Gnecco (The two popes), Claudia Ramirez (Good Sunday) and Juan-Manuel Bernal (perfect obedience) will direct the upcoming thriller confession, from Sony Pictures International Productions, Alameda Films and Zamora Films, which wrapped production in Mexico. Also among the actors is Ana Claudia Talancón (The Crime of Padre Amaro), who will make a special appearance.

The film by award-winning screenwriter and director Carlos Carrera (The Crime of Padre Amaro) sees a young child from a wealthy Mexico City family disappear. At night, a few hours after the disappearance, a man arrives at the family home to discuss the return of the child. The conditions are not monetary, but rather a confession from a family member who committed a terrible act. One by one, confession after confession, the intruder exposes each member of the family, uncovering their deepest and most shocking secrets.

Albert Chimal (7:19) wrote the screenplay. Daniel Birman Ripstein produced for Alameda Films, with Gerardo Moran of Zamora Films. Raymundo Díaz-González oversees Sony Pictures International Productions, which owns the film’s worldwide distribution rights, including in Mexico.

“As we continue to expand our portfolio and commit to creating diverse local content in Mexico, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with such a prestigious and talented director as Carlos Carrera and with everyone at Alameda Films and Zamora Films,” Shebnem said. Askin, who runs Sony Pictures International Productions with Michael Rifkin.

“Carlos is a precise and meticulous filmmaker and we are honored to work with him again,” added Ripstein. “Shebnem Askin, Michael Rifkin, Ray Díaz-González and the entire team at Sony Pictures International Productions and Philip Alexander and his team at Sony Pictures Releasing International have always been passionate about our film and we are delighted to collaborate with them. couldn’t think of a better home for this thrilling film.

The local language production arm of Sony Pictures Entertainment’s Motion Picture Group, Sony Pictures International Productions, releases more than 30 films a year in 12 territories around the world. Gnecco is replaced by Talent on the Road Management; Jerry ML Ramirez; Bernal by JMB Talent Management; and Talancón by GET Agency and Vision Entertainment.