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Among the many fresh and vibrant talents in Kannada’s film industry today, actor Nagabhushana must be somewhere at the top. Having started his show business career as a digital content creator, Nagabhushana has made his way into mainstream cinema on his own and is now reaping the many rewards for all the sincerity and hard work. There is an array of exciting projects ahead of him, including ones he takes a leading role in, but the process seems fairly straightforward when it comes to project selection. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Nagabhushana mainly aspires to remain an artist of character and not necessarily a “hero” because there is always a risk of being cataloged in the case of the latter.

“I think I’ve always aspired to be a character artist so that I can contribute to the film in any way I can. I guess the screen time of my role isn’t as important as how important it is to it. a story, because you can make strong impressions even with the smallest of roles. There is also the luxury of exploring different characters if you approach the game in a certain way and don’t necessarily want to be a “hero.” , so to speak. And that’s exactly what I try to do with all the offers – I want to choose roles that are given importance and nothing else, “Nagabhushana shares in an exclusive conversation with ETimes Kannada .

And it is perhaps this prospect that has provided Nagabhushana with all the credible acting opportunities. Besides “Made in China”, actor “Ikkat” also has films like “Petromax” and “Badava Rascal” to his credit, which will be released very soon. While he doesn’t play the “hero,” per se, in either movie, he liked the fact that he played in big, meaty roles in both of them the most.

“When a director like Vijaya Prasad sir, who has made films like ‘Sidlingu’ and ‘Neer Dose’, calls you to say he wrote a role just for you, would a sane actor turn him down?” Even if you weren’t playing the lead role in the movie, you would still feel lucky to be a part of his project. But I’m happy to have such an interesting role in “Petromax” and we had a lot of fun doing it – from his whims to the emotional range he exploits with his characters and his dialogue, there’s it all in the movie. Nagabhushana adds.

‘Badava Rascal’, on the other hand, is a personal endeavor for Nagabhushana as the whole team has been closely associated with him from the start. The upcoming comedian features Dhananjaya and Amrutha Iyengar leading the way while Nagabhushana plays one of the film’s main characters. About his role and directing the movie, he adds, “I play Daali’s best friend in the movie, but he’s beyond a sidekick that we see in every other movie. In fact, we all have friends who are honest with us. and always stand by our side through thick and thin – they don’t need to be your sidekicks but are the most trustworthy people around you. I play this role in the film. But ‘Badava Rascal’ is like a house production because Dhananjaya, Poorna, Shankar Guru (the director) and I have been part of the same gang from the start. I was involved in it from the pre-production phase and I was a part of every step so it never felt like “work” because we shared this dream of making films. For me, it’s like my own production. ”

“Badava Rascal” will be released on December 24 and mark Dhananjaya’s debut as a producer under his own Daali Pictures banner. ‘Petromax’, on the other hand, which stars Sathish Ninasam, Hariprriya and others in the lead, is also set to be released and the recently released trailer for the film has received a favorable reception from everywhere.

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