Nippon TV and Envision Entertainment enter into co-production partnership for scripted projects


Nippon TV and Envision Entertainment have entered into a co-production partnership that will see the two companies develop new scripted projects designed for the global market. These projects will be based on Japanese properties of international appeal. They have already started discussions with some of Japan’s biggest manga publishers to source IP.

The first project developed within the framework of this partnership is a police drama based on the shows of Nippon TV. Double booking. The series takes place in a shared online world, with a cast of international characters connecting to each other through the internet and using their online research skills to solve mysteries. As the mystery spreads beyond international borders, the plot thickens in the least expected way. Nippon TV and Envision Entertainment said further details will be announced at a later date.

“Japan has long been a country the West admires from afar, capable of creating world-class content and developing top-notch intellectual property in its local market,” said Michael Nakan, Founder of Envision Entertainment. “We are delighted to partner with one of Japan’s most reputable media organizations, Nippon TV, and to work directly with Japanese creative talent to create innovative projects that are organic collaborations between Eastern and Western creatives. We look forward to a long and successful relationship with Nippon TV to internationalize Japanese content and creations. “

“I have already witnessed a great alchemy that occurred when the Japanese and British creative teams met,” commented Itaru Mizuno, creative director of “Double Booking”, Production Division, Nippon TV. “It’s so exciting to see an Asian story become something universal through this partnership. We are confident to create a completely new series full of elements of our modern world where we interact both online and offline. “

While Sayako Aoki, Business Producer, International Business Development, Nippon TV, added: “The greatest asset we have is our in-house creators with their unique ideas and spirit of challenge who will be essential to this great opportunity. What we plan to do is combine a great story with an innovative format to deliver to the global market and I can’t wait to see how our story extends beyond borders.

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