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‘Opening Night’ Gives People a Chance to Invest in the Future of Broadway | Arts-and-theater


Regina Dowling, another Oklahoma native and partner of Opening Night Enterprises, said, “No one has done anything like this for musical theater. But I think that when the pandemic comes out, the world wants to adopt new concepts, things that are really looking to the future.

“This project is really about the importance of live entertainment,” she said. “Being there in person, being live and in the moment, is for me the heart of musical theater. And I know everyone is ready to come back to the theater in person. “

Jones and Dowling each have extensive experience in the entertainment business. Jones has been producing live performances for the Walt Disney Company since 1997, as well as the opening ceremonies for the 2007 Tournament of Roses Parade. He worked for print and television media in Oklahoma City and was for a time a professor at the University of Oklahoma City.

It was during his time at OCU that he met Chenoweth and Dowling, both graduates of the school’s musical theater program. Dowling has worked as an actress in various television soap operas, as well as a host of the “Glamor 24-7” lifestyle site.

Jones said the “Opening Night America” ​​show and the musicals productions themselves would create more than 400 jobs – another reason he wants to base production in Oklahoma.

“We really want to invest in this state and do it in a way that gives young talent in the arts the opportunity to share talent with the world without having to leave Oklahoma,” he said.


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