Spreyton Cider Co’s new festival to celebrate the apple harvest | the lawyer


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Spreyton Cider Co hopes Coasters will come out strong for their new event next month. Building on the success of its Christmas Eve at Spreyton Cider Co and Bright Cider Life events, the cider house will host Harvest Fest on February 12. . “Our two major events are at the end of the year and people love being here, so we thought why not add another to the schedule.” IN OTHER NEWS, Mr Larch said the company had recently seen a drop in the number of Tasmanian visitors. “We haven’t noticed hardly any inhabitants lately,” he said. “Fortunately, we are a tourist destination, which keeps us going, but the number of inhabitants has dropped considerably. It’s (Harvest Fest) a local event, so hopefully we can get our inhabitants back.” In a normal year, Mr. Larch hopes for similar numbers at this event as they would arrive at Bright Cider Life, but he understood that the current COVID climate could make that difficult. “It’s tough because we were hoping for similar numbers at our Bright Cider Life event which has around 700 people,” he said. “But hopefully we can attract 400 or 500 people.” At the event, people will be entertained by the musicals Kitty and The HeartBeats, Taylor and The Rose and Zac Weeks. Children can attend and use the play equipment and pet and feed the farm animals at the free nursery. While Spreyton Cider Co’s Little Orchard Food Van, Firestorm Tacos and Bar Food Truck and Seoul Food will be on hand for the festival. The event is limited to less than 1000 people, which means masks are not required. t will be held February 12 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Spreyton Cider Co. Tickets will be $14 for ages 16 and up, $4 for ages 3-15 and children under three years can enter for free. To buy tickets, visit Eventbrite or the Spreyton Cider Co Facebook page. Why not subscribe to The Advocate for more daily local news? register here