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‘The Challenge: USA’: Leo Temory’s girlfriend clarifies phone call: ‘We were both overwhelmed’


Fantastic race Star Leo Temory left his businesses to compete in The challenge: United States. One episode featured a heated phone call with his girlfriend, who wanted to come home because business was not going well. After the episode, she clarified the call and accused the production of editing things.

Leo Temory’s girlfriend called him about his business during episode 7 of “The Challenge: USA”

On the August 18 episode of The Challenge: United States, Leo Temory had a heated phone call with his girlfriend. Apparently, she was minding her own business while he competed, but problems were causing them to lose money every day, totaling over $40,000 at the time.

His girlfriend was upset as she felt he should be home handling day-to-day operations and apparently wanted him to quit to come back and take care of things. Therefore, Leo packed his bags and prepared to leave until his teammate Alyssa Lopez convinced him to stay as his exit might affect his place in the game.

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Following the episode, his girlfriend, Alia, posted a screenshot from a message written in his Notes app to his Instagram story. She claimed viewers didn’t know what happened “behind the scenes”, noting that “uncommon issues” with the companies were happening at the time.

Moreover, she accused the production of preventing Leo from having “professional calls that they already agreed on”. His girlfriend admitted, “we were both overwhelmed” because she also had a full-time job. Alia claimed the show cut and edited the scenes, pointing out that their phone call and her attempt to leave happened on different days. “He wasn’t even wearing the same outfit,” she noted.

Leo earned two eliminations during ‘The Challenge: USA’

The 36-year-old Los Angeles native entered The Challenge: United States alongside only three other representatives Fantastic race franchise, including runner-up Cayla Lee and winner James Wallington.

They were immediate targets, but Leo stayed safe. He used to not want to team up with him due to his lack of focus, and Sarah Lacina was no different.

However, the two had to work together during Episode 5 when they were blindsided by elimination as winning couple Tyson Apostol and Cashay Proudfoot wanted to try their luck. Survivor champion. They emerged victorious, eliminating Azah Awasum and Cinco Holland Jr.

He stayed safe until a few episodes later when he and Alyssa finished bottom, earning a spot in the elimination round. The team sent Kyland Young and Kyra Green home and stole the money from their bank account, bringing Leo to $9,000, the fourth most remaining contender.

Leo first appeared in ‘The Amazing Race’

In 2013, Leo and his cousin Jamal Zadran, the “Afghanimals”, competed on The Incredible Race 23where they immediately made their mark with their loud personalities.

The team turned around twice but survived, the first team to do so, eventually placing fourth. They returned for the following season, all starswhere they focused more on their social game.

Although it worked out as they avoided turning around, the duo again placed fourth. The Cousins ​​returned for a third and likely last time in 2019 to The Amazing Race 31where they implemented their initial strategy.

Even though they struggled throughout the season, the duo finished with their ranking in third. Leo’s appearance on the CBS reality show is his first since his time on Fantastic race.

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