Wells Adams details BiP’s Ivan Hall, Alexa Caves drama


Wells Adams, Alexa Caves and Ivan Hall

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Backstage tea! Wells adams gives more context to the drama that surrounds Ivan Room and Alexa Caves after the couple were caught sneaking together during the production of Baccalaureate in paradise.

“I remember getting ready for the rose ceremony. And there was, like, a lot of powwow going on with production. And I’m like ‘Guys, what’s going on?’ », Began the bartender and guest host on Wednesday, September 29, episode of his “Your Favorite Things” podcast. “And they gave me a full script of all the things I was supposed to say when I greeted everyone, you know, ‘How is everyone? I see love here. It is so beautiful.’ And I’ve learned this whole script – it’s happened to me so many times this season, by the way – I’ve learned this whole script. They’re like, ‘Delete it. We are going rogue. And I was like, ‘What does that mean?’ And they say, ‘Just go ask Ivan to talk. He has something to tell you. Something happened last night when everyone was back at the [hotel]. ‘ … And then he unloads it all. There is a lot more conversation [that didn’t air]. “

Brandi cyrus then asked Wells for clarification on how Ivan got Alexa’s room number through a producer’s phone after the cast were forced to evacuate the beach during a storm.

“You’re taken to a room like this – or before the show starts – you’re stuck there, you’re not allowed to leave the room, they take your keys, you’re just stuck there.” So if you ever need something, the producer has to come and give it to you, ”Wells explained. “So like, ‘Hey, we need crisps and, you know, a case of beer and stuff,’ the producers have to come and get it for you. And what happened, I think, was a producer came along – we’re all friends, we’re working on a show together, everyone knows each other – and so I think what happened is that a producer had everyone’s room number on their phone. And because you have your mask on and your phone won’t read, like, it’s your face, she had her face notification turned off, so she could get, like, all the info. And so she left the phone in the room, I think he went and thought, “Oh, here’s a phone”, found that it opened and the first thing was everyone’s room number. And then he bailed out.

When asked how Ivan successfully snuck into Alexa’s bedroom, the Bachelorette Season 12 alum noted Noah Erb, who lived with Ivan, “knew a lot more than he suggested”.

“I don’t know for a fact, but like, Noah, you should know someone’s gone.” You know your roommates are gone, ”Wells said. “But I still maintain that it was a pretty crazy thing that happened because a lot of things had to happen – the hurricane had to happen, we had to take everyone there, a producer had to leave a phone. in the room he had to see the number he had to go into that room he had to hang out there he had to not say anything about it then connect with Chelsea [Vaughn] the next day, then get a call for it all within 24 hours.

While Ivan left Mexico after the scandal, Alexa never made it to the beach. According to Wells, who noted that she should have been asked about the situation, the Bachelor It was the Season 24 alum who told the production that Ivan had gone to his bedroom.

“A producer was next to his room. She heard people talking late at night. [Alexa] obviously [is] quarantined away from everyone, [and the producer is] like, “Who is this person talking to?” What’s going on ?’ Wells recalls. “How we found out was that she called and asked for a wake-up call at, say, five in the morning. When we found out, we were like, ‘Why is she waking up? “She’s not going to bed today? Why do you get up at five in the morning?… We heard voices, a wake-up call, like, what’s going on?”

Wells explained that when a producer spoke to Alexa, she “broke down” and “spilled” on Ivan.

The final of Baccalaureate in paradise Airs on ABC on Tuesday, October 5 at 8 p.m. ET.

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