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What’s the best place in America to have a backyard pool party?


Sin City has a lot to offer as a great pool party destination, but how does it compare to iconic cities like Washington?

AUSTIN, TX, August 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Upgraded Points recently presented the results of its latest data study that reveals the best and worst US cities for hosting a poolside gathering. The study includes major deciding factors such as real estate, cost, and weather, but also broke down other mitigating factors, including cities with the most pools, sunscreen needs, as well as the average cost of beer, snacks and more. Upgraded Points is a trusted travel agency that often provides surveys of seasonal and special interest to its clients and travelers in general.

“Pool parties are one of our favorite summer activities and a great reason to invite friends and family over for some fun in the sun,” said Alex Miller, Founder of Upgraded Points. “But some places are just plain better for this kind of event than others, so we dug into the facts and created a list of great places to cook on the grill, drink some strawberry daiquiris and go swimming. If you live here, you did. And while we expected some cities to easily make it to this best/worst list, a few entries were a bit surprising.

Analysis methodology

Upgraded Points ranked the 100 most populous U.S. cities based on factors that would be important for a successful pool party — location of real estate, cost of the party, and good weather — while taking into account the number of homes for sale with swimming pools (per 100,000 people), average lawn size, community wellness ratings, percentage of people who use sunscreen, costs of typical food and beverages consumed at these parties, as well that average temperatures, etc. Based on these factors and more, the study determined an individual score for each city then added the totals to give each city a score from 0 to 100. A higher score indicates a city is better suited to throw a pool party.

The worst places for poolside fun

Ranking third on the list of worst places to host a pool party is washington d.c., with a score of 40.7 out of 100. There are few houses with pools in the nation’s capital, as there are only 0.016 houses for sale with pools per 100,000 people. And surprisingly, Birmingham, Alabama ranks 5e worst town for a pool party. Despite its excellent pool party temperatures, high average levels of humidity (59.8%) and precipitation (4.2 inches), as well as low levels of residents who report wearing sunscreen (21.1 %), guarantee that these parties will not be very fun.

The best places to swim

By far the best place to enjoy the pool is Vegas. With an overall score of 71.5 out of 100, Sin City averaged 0.2 inches of precipitation and an average of 13.60 percent humidity from April through August, making the heat dry and clear skies optimal for stays in the backyard. Wichita, Kansas came in fourth with a score of 70.8 out of 100, with a large average lawn size (0.23 acres) and low costs for pool party essentials like beer, water and fruit costs. Its low 80°F spread from April through August also makes it a top destination for pool parties. Not to be outdone, Bakersfield, Californiais number 5. Known as the “Country Music Capital of the West Coast”, Bakersfield ranks high thanks in part to its low average rainfall (0.3 inches) and humidity (25.2%) from April to August.

To see the full results, as well as a city-by-city breakdown of percentages and pool-party factors, please visit the full study HERE.

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